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Meet the Team

Hello and welcome - please meet our wonderful team below.

  • Antoinette Myers-Joyce
    Antoinette Myers-Joyce
  • Beji Nare
    Beji Nare
  • Bobbie Friedlander
    Bobbie Friedlander
  • Carole Greene
    Carole Greene
  • Cerry Hornillos
    Cerry Hornillos
  • Charmane MacArthur
    Charmane MacArthur
  • Claire Robertson
    Claire Robertson
  • David Cox
    David Cox
  • Dawn McGrath
    Dawn McGrath
  • Elaine Nolan
    Elaine Nolan
  • Elizabeth Driver
    Elizabeth Driver
  • Fiona Molloy
    Fiona Molloy
  • Fiona Wilson
    Fiona Wilson
  • Garry Moore
    Garry Moore
  • Grace Byrne
    Grace Byrne
  • Jackie Doyle
    Jackie Doyle
  • LeeAnne Burke
    LeeAnne Burke
  • Karen Foley
    Karen Foley
  • Karen Wilkinson
    Karen Wilkinson
  • Karyn Sutton
    Karyn Sutton
  • Kate Cox
    Kate Cox
  • Meghan Shortt
    Meghan Shortt
  • Paul Bradshaw
    Paul Bradshaw
  • Petra Bierwirth
    Petra Bierwirth
  • Rodz Yosores
    Rodz Yosores
  • Sandy Clements
    Sandy Clements
  • Sharon Maher
    Sharon Maher
  • Theresa Donnelly
    Theresa Donnelly